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Manufactured in the UK since 1934, Perspex® has been the household name for plastic ever since and is the market leader in acrylic sheet. Perspex® cast acrylic sheet offers excellent UV resistance, weathering, thermoforming properties and is available in a large colour range. The sheets are used heavily in fabrication for applications such as signage, point of purchase, glazing, barriers, and furniture. Part of a family used for it’s consistent quality, colour palette, inspiring surface effects, durability and for the creative potential it affords beyond competing acrylics and traditional material such as wood, steel, glass or ceramics.

Maximum sheet size available – 3050mm x 2030mm Thicknesses 1mm - 25mm ( can be cast thicker on request ) .

Benefits :

  • Fully UV stable
  • Available in various colours , tints & finishes
  • Approx 10 times stronger than glass
  • Can be fabricated
  • Excellent substitute for glass
  • Available in non reflective finish
  • UV transmitting grade available for sunbeds
  • Mirror substitute
  • Excellent thermoforming properties

Applications :

  • Signs: Illuminated signs
  • Advertising panels
  • Light diffusers
  • Urban development & public buildings
  • Street furniture
  • Glazing
  • Doors
  • Skylights
  • Sound barriers
  • Baths, shower trays
  • Number plates
  • Lighting
  • Sunbeds

For fabricated / cut to size sheets, Please call our helpful Sales team on 0161 343 2425 or email

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